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Learn more about ISO 45001 in Belgium – May 2019

iMS Risk Solutions is working with NBN, the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation in the delivery of a two day masterclass embracing all the aspects that anyone implementing ISO 45001 needs to understand before starting the journey. This comprehensive two day programme will be delivered by David Smith of iMS Risk Solutions, a recognised international expert in the field and chair of the ISO committee responsible for producing the standard. Find out more about the details of the programme including content, location and dates here  

NBN Brussels- ISO45001 – Creating a healthier and safer workplace – 5th March 2018

David Smith, Director of iMS Risk Solutions was speaking earlier this week at the event held in Brussels by NBN, the Belgian national standards body, about the forthcoming publication of ISO 45001. Talking about the success of the event David said“Excellent launch events held by NBN at Brussels Airport Hotel on 5th and 6th March. I am pictured here with Jeroen Vanlerberghe, my host, who initiated the event and had to arrange a second day because of the interest. It was very evident that not only those with OHSAS 18001 are interested in adopting ISO 45001. More than half the attendees over the two days were not OHSAS 18001 users and they indicated that publication of the new ISO standard was something that had a greater standing with their organization and its alignment with such standards as ISO 9001 and 14001 had many [...]

ISO45001 at the IOSH Isle of Man Safety and health conference -2018

Today David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, is talking at the IOSH Isle of Man Safety and health conference being held today at Mount Murray Golf & Country Club, Mount Murray Road, Santon, Isle of Man, IM4 2HT. David will be talking to health and safety professionals who are keen to learn more about the  launch of ISO 45001 which has recently been completed. As those who have followed the development closely over the last four year, David was the chair of the ISO committee responsible for the development and as such, played a pivotal role in the development of the new standard. David's presentation today focuses upon the importance and benefits of the new standard, the approach and links to other management systems standards based upon the Annex SL structure and will focus upon some of the key elements and changes those [...]

ISO45001 – news from the ISO ballot

For all those who have been following the development of the new international standard on occupational health and safety management,   ISO 45001 there is news from Switzerland. The ballot closed last night with a very positive vote in favour of the FDIS (Final draft international standard) and the standard will now move forward to publication after review of any editorial comments. David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, has taken a central role in the work on the standard as Chair of the ISO committee responsible for the development of the document. "This is a significant development in the area of international standardisation and I would like to thank all those who have given up so much of their time over the last four years in working towards this moment.  I would particularly like to Kristian Glaesel, Convener of the committee, for his unstinting work and support over the development. A great achievement!"  

Quality World interview – ISO45001 – redefining workplace safety

David Smith, Chair of the ISO45001 committee talks to Quality World about the forthcoming publication of the new ISO standard on occupational health and safety. [pdf-embedder url="" title="DAS_ ISO QWJAN2018"]

ISO45001 Masterclass – Nassima Royal Hotel, Dubai

David Smith, director iMS Risk Solutions and Chair of the ISO PC283 committee responsible for the development of ISO 45001 will be the keynote speaker at the  ISO 45001 master class in Dubai next week. David will be talking about the work behind the development of ISO 45001 and in particular the importance and benefits of the new standard, differences between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001, key requirements, terms and definitions employed in the ISO/FDIS 45001 and the new structure used in the standard. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in the latest developments of international standards to learn more and prepare for the impact it might have on organisation's present OH&S management systems.

iMS Risk Solutions down under!

In conjunction with the Master Builders Association of New South Wales - here - and Kristian Glaesel, managing director of Glasel HSEQ Management iMS Risk Solutions Ltd has been able to organise two events in Sydney, Australia that bring together international experts to talk about  ISO 45001, the occupational health and safety management systems standard presently in the course of development. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of the ISO45001 standard, key requirements, definitions and structure which incorporates the Annex SL common framework for management systems standards. Presenters include:
  • David Smith, iMS Risk Solutions, chair of the ISO committee responsible for the production of the new standard
  • Charles Corrie, ISO Secretariat to the committe
  • Kristian Glaesel, ISO 45001 Convenor.
The events are over three days with an [...]

ISO45001 meeting – Melaka

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, has just completed a week in Melaka, Malaysia where he was chairing the latest meeting of the ISO project committee. The OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system requirements is already used widely in Malaysia and there is much local interest in the new standard, when it will be published and the requirements of implementation. To read the article click New Straits Times      

ISO45001 – international agreement on the second draft

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions and chair if the ISO PC283 committee responsible for the development of ISO 45001 talks about how agreement on the the draft standard was achieved? The DIS 2 of ISO 45001 received voting results of Approvals 57; Dis-approvals 7, Abstentions 8, which means it has been approved with 88% in favour. A vote of 75% was sufficient for it to move forward to a final draft (FDIS) or as the published standard. Some 1630 comments have been submitted proposing improvements which will be considered when the Project Committee and Working Group meets in Malaysia in September. Decisions will need to be taken at that meeting to determine the way forward: 1.      To disagree most of the recommendations being made by the comments, in order to avoid any “technical” changes to the draft, which would allow PC283 to avoid [...]

Approval of ISO45001

The ballot on draft ISO 45001 (ISO DIS2 45001) is now completed.  There was a  substantial positive vote in favour of the new standard. The standard is now reaching its final stages and there will be a very positive discussion on the comments when the Project Committee PC 283 meets in Malaysia. David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions and Chair of the ISO PC283 committee will once again be taking the lead in seeking to move the discussions forward to eventual approval of the standard.

Update on ISO 45001

Development of ISO 45001 proceeds at a pace with the publication of the second Draft International Standard (DIS) on 19th May, 2017. A ballot period will follow with voting closing on 13th July, 2017. Anyone interested on commenting on the second draft can do so by accessing the appropriate national standards body here For more information on the standard see the video here featuring David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions and chair of the ISO committee responsible for the production of this important new standard.

ISO 45001 – Conference in Toronto

There are some 116 delegates at the latest ISO PC283 meeting in Toronto to review the comments on the latest draft international standard of ISO45001. David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, is chairing the meeting which is taking place at the offices of the Canadian Standards Authority in Toronto.    

GRI Conference – Amsterdam – 2016 – developments in OH&S reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative held its 5th Global conference in Amsterdam in May 2016. David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions was a member of the conference panel considering "Latest developments in occupational health and safety reporting".  David was there in his capacity of chair of the ISO committee PC283 developing the new OHS standard ISO45001. Members of the panel included:
  • Daniel Malan, Director of the Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa, University of Stellenbosch Business School
  • Nancy Leppink, Branch Chief LABADMIN/OSH, ILO
  • Joris Oldenziel, Head of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement, Bangladesh Accord Foundation
  • Stiaan Wandrag, Head Sustainability Advisory, Sasol Group
  • David Smith, Chairman of the project committee 283 developing ISO45001
Work claims more victims around the globe than war - [...]

SN Registrars – Global Conference

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, spoke at the SN Registrars Global Conference.  Delegates attended the conference in London from all over the world and David was there to give delegates some insight into the process of writing international ISO standards and the latest news on ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety

GRI Conference 2016 – David Smith invited to speak

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, has been invited to speak at the 5th GRI Global Conference.  The conference will be held 18-20 May 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is an opportunity to join up to 1500 sustainability leaders form around the globe to exchange knowledge on sustainability best practices, innovations and trends from around the world. David will be participating in the session scheduled for 20th May on developments in occupational health and safety reporting bringing his expertise as chair of the ISO committee responsible for the development of ISO45001, the new international standard on occupational health and safety. For more about ISO45001 click here

CEN committee – societal and citizen security. AFNOR, Paris April 2016

David Smith, director iMS Risk Solutions Ltd, is attending in his capacity as a UK expert. David has drafted the initial technical report draft proposal which examines the interrelationships between the various protective management standards and how they could be useful to reduce vulnerabilities, limit conflicts and improve resilience in an organization.

International conference – the new ISO standards – 17 March, 2016, Vejle, Denmark

Following on from last years successful conference, iMS Risk Solutions are delighted to be participating in a second event in conjunction with Glaesel HSEQ Management. Speakers are drawn from a variety of areas and include: David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions and Chair of the ISO committee for the new ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard; Charles Corrie, BSI Programme Manager and ISO committee secretary for both ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and the OHSAS Project Group and Kristian Glaesel, ISO Convenor for ISO 45001. More details can be found here We look forward to seeing you there.    

ISO 45001 open committee meeting – Nottingham

The UK mirror committee for ISO 45001 held an open meeting in Nottingham.  The meeting was to give interested parties the opportunity to gain an understanding of the process of writing international standards and the issues arising.  In particular, delegates had to opportunity to learn more of the recent work on ISO 45001. David Smith, director iMS Risk Solutions, made a short presentation to the event in his capacity as Chair of the ISO committee responsible for the development of the new ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard.

ISO 45001 committee meeting – Geneva

Hosted by the International Labour Organization and ISO and held in Geneva, the next meeting of the ISO committee responsible for drafting the new occupational health and safety standards ISO 45001 was held in September under the chairmanship of David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions. In addition to the work of the committee  presentations were given by Sandra Polaski, Deputy Director General, ILO and Kevin McKinley, Acting Secretary General, ISO. There has been a huge interest in the development of the new standard since work commenced in October, 2013. There are now 59 participating countries, 15 observer countries and 17 liaison members. More details of the draft standard can be found here

Organizational resilience – guidance booklets published

The culmination of the research project completed by iMS Risk Solutions on behalf of BSI/BIS arrived today with the publication of two guidance booklets:
  • "Enhancing organizational performance and resilience by using management systems standards - a guide for standards users"
  • "Enhancing organizational resilience by using management standards  - a guide for standards writers"
The guidance for users considers the benefits that organizations have enjoyed from structured systems, linking guidance standards and more formal management systems standards with the attributes of resilient organizations identified as governance and accountability, leadership and culture, and common vision and purpose (BS65000). It goes on to identify existing standards that can support the organization and the benefits of integration with the use of PAS99. David [...]

Conference in Denmark – new developments in management systems – March 2015

iMS Risk Solutions participated in a conference in Denmark at which delegates had the opportunity to learn more about recent developments in management systems standards including ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and PAS99. The speakers included David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, who was speaking about the latest developments in the new ISO45001 OH&S standard.

The Conference was organised by Kristian Glaesel, Glaesel HSEQ Management AS, who is convenor of the ISO Working Group for the development of ISO45001.

ISO45001 committee meeting – Trinidad – January 2015

Globetrotting David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, off on his travels again.

Some ninety delegates from around the world assembled in Trinidad to attend the ISo45001 committee meeting to develop committee draft 2 of ISO45001 taking into account the comments received, in excess of 2500, on the first draft produced in Morocco.

The launch of BS65000 – Guidance on organizational resilience took place today at the Guildhall, London – November 2014

The launch of BS6500 - Guidance on organizational resilience tool place today at The Guildhall, London.

After the launch event the afternoon was devoted to an open workshop facilitated by iMS Risk Solutions. The event was chaired by David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions with speakers including Michael Faber, Stephen Daniels and Kevin Brear. After the presentation there was an open forum to discuss the core questions of resilience, what it might mean to organizations and the opportunities of bringing coherence to management standards to enhance organizational resilience.

This workshop was part of the research activities iMS have been commissioned to undertake on behalf of BSI/BSi for their forthcoming guidance on the use of management systems to support resilience in organizations.

Joint paper – benefits of ISO14031 Environmental performance indicators – October 2014

Working with colleagues from Barclays Bank and the Environment Agency David Smith, director iMS Risk Solutions, has completed a joint paper on the benefits of ISO14031.

The paper examined:

  • The value of environmental performance evaluation - David Smith
  • A practitioner's perspective - Emma Page, Barclays Bank
  • A regulators Perspective - Duncan Giddings and Dr Rick Gould, Environment Agency

The content of this paper formed the basis of subsequent presentations. Delegates were from CIWEM and IEMA.

New ISO45001 – David Smith takes the chair! – October 2013

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, has reluctantly given up his chairmanship of the British Standards committee on occupational health and safety management after some 20 years to take on the role of chairman of the ISO committee created to develop the new ISO standard ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The new ISO45001 is an international standard specifying the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system. It will enable an organisation to proactively improve OH&S performance in preventing injury and ill health. The new standard will not state any specific criteria for performance, nor is it prescriptive about the design of a system.

The inaugural meeting of the committee has just taken place in London - see

New publication – “Managing Risk the ISO31000 way” – May 2013

The new iMS Risk Solutions publication "Managing Risk the ISO31000 way" has just hit the shelves!

This new title sets out a practical and clear approach to manage risk using the guidelines outlined in ISO31000 and is a guide for all organisations, regardless of sector or size. Also included are highlights and links that will enable those with existing formal management systems to integrate their risk management framework quickly and easily.

If you want to know more about how you can integrate formal risk management successfully into your business, simply get in touch with us.

The book is available direct from the publisher BSi -

“Revision of PAS99” – September 2012

iMS Risk solutions have been at the forefront of the developments in integrated management solutions under the leadership of David Smith since the publication of the first edition of their books on the subject “IMS: The Framework” BSI London, 2001 ISBN 0 580 33298 5 and “IMS: Implementing and operating” BSi London, 2002 ISBN 0 580 33328 0. A second edition was published in 2007

Following the successful publication of the first “standard” in this area “PAS99:2006 Specification of common management system requirements as a framework for integration” iMS Risk Solutions have continued their ground breaking work in this area commissioned as technical authors in the revision of PAS99 recently published.

In the last six years global interest has increased across all different industrial sectors as organisations recognised the benefits that can accrue with the structured [...]

Annual BSi Risk management Conference – November 2010

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, was invited to speak at the annual BSi Risk Management Conference. His presentation was an examination of how standards can help organisations in developing their governance and considered the roles of existing standards and ISO initiatives such as:
  • Social Responsibility (ISO FDIS 26000)
  • Risk Management (ISO31000, BS31010 and IEC/ISO31010)
  • Business Continuity (BS25999)
  • The new High Level Structure proposed by ISO

Integrated Management Systems. New ISO handbook for users published – February 2008

After many months of extensive work, the ISO handbook "Integrated use of management systems standards" has been published.

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, was the UK representative on the committee bringing his acknowledged expertise in the area of management systems integration to the benefit of the final publication.

The guidance book is available directly from ISO in Geneva. For more information see

OHSAS18001:2007 – revision complete – November 2007

In November 2007 the revised version of the international occupational health and safety specification was completed after meetings in Madrid, Shanghai and the United Kingdom.

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, attended these meetings and was involved in the development of the standard in his capacity as chair of the BSI Occupational Health and Safety standards committee.

New publications on Food Safety Standard – ISO22000 – March 2007

iMS Risk Solutions has completed a further commission from BSi Business Information with the publishing of four new books on the internationally recognized ISO22000 - Food Safety Management Systems. "Managing Food Safety the 22000 Way" is a practical guide for organizations seeking user-friendly help in understanding and implementing a food safety management system. The guide includes a "Getting Started" section as well as a variety of checklists, overview sections and a PDCA approach.

The methodology will be particularly helpful for those wishing to integrate an ISO22000 system with their other management systems requirements following the framework set out in PAS99.

This guide is published in partnership with 3 companion workbooks which are aimed at specific sectors:

ISO22000 Food Safety:Workbook for the Catering Industry ISO22000 Food Safety:Workbook for Manufacturing Industry ISO22000 Food Safety:workbook for the Retail Industry

Awards Finalists – iMS Risk Solutions has been selected as a finalist in the UK Trade & Investments Passport to Export Awards – December 2006

iMS Risk Solutions has been selected as a finalist in the UK Trade & Investments Passport to Export Awards the finals of which take place at the end of November.

“This recognition is an enormous achievement for us” said Rob Politowski, Director of iMS Risk Solutions. “The support offered to us through this innovative government scheme to support exporters has been of great assistance and we would particularly like to thank John Wilson of UKTI based in Derby for his invaluable guidance and support over the last three years”

More details on the Passport to Export Scheme are available from UK trade & Investment at

BS18001 and PAS99 – presentation Scotland – October 2006

Is was a great pleasure for iMS Risk Solutions to be invited by Mines Rescue to undertake a presentation at their open day to celebrate the completion of new facilities at their training centre, Cross Gates Mines Rescue Station, Fife. the new facilities were opened by Willie Rennie, MP for Dunfermline and West Fife.

The iMS Risk Solutions presentation on the new specification for Health & Safety Management Systems, BS18001 and the links to the recently published PAS99 Specification of Integrated Management systems was well received by all attendees.

Mines Rescue provide a wide range of safety training programmes around the country and further details can be found at

BSi commission completed – iMS Risk Solutions completed their commission from BSi on the new specification on integrated management systems – September 2006

The new specification “PAS99:2006 Specification of common management systems requirements as a framework for integration” is published.  This new specification has been welcomed around the world as a positive contribution to increasing business benefits from management systems.

The main areas of benefit are:

  • Combined systems that contribute to continual improvement and strategic vision
  • The breaking down of departmental silos encouraging open communication throughout the organization
  • Reduction in duplicated systems adding directly to the “bottom line” with real cost savings
  • Operational efficiencies with impacts of actions considered across all systems
  • The ability to introduce additional systems with greater ease.

This world first publication draws [...]

iMS Risk Solutions in Alba, Italy – 18 May 2006

David Smith speaks at “OSPEDALE NEL TERZO MILLENNIO”, Alba Italy. Recognizing the importance of effective safety management systems in all aspects of the work place David Smith, Director of iMS Risk Solutions was invited to present at the international conference – The Third Millennium Hospital.

The event was attended by health professionals from all over Europe who were able to learn more of the UK approach to safety management including BS8800:2004.

World First for iMS Risk solutions – iMS Risk Solutions has been commissioned by British Standards Institution to develop and write a specification – the Requirements for Integrating Management Systems – May 2006

David Smith, Managing Director of iMS, said: “It is terrific to have been invited by the premier global standards body to work with them in this important area for organizations of all types.

The specification provides a practical framework for organizations to manage their risks in a holistic manner maximizing operational, managerial and financial benefits and efficiencies.

This specification builds upon our exiting series of publications in this area. We have already found there is great interest in this driver for business efficiency especially in our work in the Far East.”