iMS Risk Solutions delivers tailor-made courses for organisations who wish to develop their risk management systems.

Do you and your team want to understand more about:

  • Organisational resilience – BS65000 is the first guidance standard to examine the area of organisational resilience.  Learn more about the important work of iMS Risk Solutions in organisational resilience here and how management systems standards form the building blocks of a more resilient organisation.
  • Risk management – the relevance of ISO31000 to your organisation and how you can use it as a framework for risk management in your organisation contact us here
  • Integrated management systems – PAS99 implementation to gain the maximum organisational benefit from integrating your multiple systems. Contact us here
  • Integrated management systems auditing – is uncertainty over audit holding you back from deriving maximum organisational benefits from integration. If you want your auditors to be fully able to undertake your integrated audits contact us here
  • Occupational health and safety – implementation of effective safety management systems using the structure of OHSAS18001. iMS Risk Solutions has a long history of working with OHSAS18001 and our books on the subject have been in print for over 10 years.  If you want to know more contact us here
  • Occupational health and safety  – to learn more about the the development of the new ISO45001 and the role of David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions in this important standards development read more here. If you want to know about how iMS Risk Solutions can help your organisation contact us here.
  • Managing your environmental impacts – the recent revision of ISO14001 has made it even more relevant to organisations in the 21st century.  Environment is a major area of risk for all types of organisations and if your organisation needs to develop knowledge in implementation or audit of your environmental management systems contact us here.
  • Quality management – organisational context, the increased focus upon leadership and commitment and implementing a risk based approach are all expectations of the revised ISO9001:2015.  Is your organisation up to it?  iMS Risk Solutions can help and you can contact us here.
  • You are already a user of management systems standards ISO9001 and ISO14001.  The need to up-grade to the new standards within the next two years will be essential to maintain your certification, possibly your customers and your position in the supply chain.  We can assist with the development of your system teams, support their knowledge and facilitate GAP analysis.