NBN Brussels- ISO45001 – Creating a healthier and safer workplace – 5th March 2018

David Smith, Director of iMS Risk Solutions was speaking earlier this week at the event held in Brussels by NBN, the Belgian national standards body, about the forthcoming publication of ISO 45001.

Talking about the success of the event David said“Excellent launch events held by NBN at Brussels Airport Hotel on 5th and 6th March. I am pictured here with Jeroen Vanlerberghe, my host, who initiated the event and had to arrange a second day because of the interest. It was very evident that not only those with OHSAS 18001 are interested in adopting ISO 45001. More than half the attendees over the two days were not OHSAS 18001 users and they indicated that publication of the new ISO standard was something that had a greater standing with their organization and its alignment with such standards as ISO 9001 and 14001 had many benefits. Many recognized that other benefits would arise by using some of the requirements in 45001 to improve their overall systems e.g. participation of workers, control of outsourcing, management of change etc had applications in all disciplines.   Well done NBN.”