New publications on Food Safety Standard – ISO22000 – March 2007

iMS Risk Solutions has completed a further commission from BSi Business Information with the publishing of four new books on the internationally recognized ISO22000 – Food Safety Management Systems. “Managing Food Safety the 22000 Way” is a practical guide for organizations seeking user-friendly help in understanding and implementing a food safety management system. The guide includes a “Getting Started” section as well as a variety of checklists, overview sections and a PDCA approach.

The methodology will be particularly helpful for those wishing to integrate an ISO22000 system with their other management systems requirements following the framework set out in PAS99.

This guide is published in partnership with 3 companion workbooks which are aimed at specific sectors:

ISO22000 Food Safety:Workbook for the Catering Industry
ISO22000 Food Safety:Workbook for Manufacturing Industry
ISO22000 Food Safety:workbook for the Retail Industry