Organizational resilience – guidance booklets published

The culmination of the research project completed by iMS Risk Solutions on behalf of BSI/BIS arrived today with the publication of two guidance booklets:

  • “Enhancing organizational performance and resilience by using management systems standards – a guide for standards users”
  • “Enhancing organizational resilience by using management standards  – a guide for standards writers”

The guidance for users considers the benefits that organizations have enjoyed from structured systems, linking guidance standards and more formal management systems standards with the attributes of resilient organizations identified as governance and accountability, leadership and culture, and common vision and purpose (BS65000). It goes on to identify existing standards that can support the organization and the benefits of integration with the use of PAS99.

David Smith, director of iMS Risk Solutions, said, “It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with BSi on this important area of development for organizations. There is already a large body of work in standards development that can support organizations but the important area of resilience is something that is relevant to all organizations, large or small.” Contact David Smith about organisational resilience here.

The guidance for standards writers similarly makes the links with the attributes of resilient organizations and the benefits from the use of the ISO Annex SL framework which should be considered for guidance documents as well.

Further information and copies of the appropriate publications can be obtained from British Standards Institute – here